Grades for Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda from Natrium Products®

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Natrium Products Inc. is a leader in specialty grades of sodium bicarbonate.  We manufacture several distinctive grades to help meet the needs of our customers. Natrium Products can supply you with any of the following sodium bicarbonate grades. 

Want more information than is given on any grade below?  Contact us to discuss your application and we can help find the product that works best for you.

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(United States Pharmacopeia / Food Chemical Codex)

Natrium prohibits the use of any of its products as an API in generic drugs or reference thereto as an API in any ANDA absent prior written consent from Natrium.

Average Micron Size (Representations are not actual size)
Grade 1 (Powdered) 70 microns Grade 1 This square represents the crystal size found in a box of baking soda you might buy at your local supermarket.
Grade 2 (Fine Granular) 85 microns Size relative to Grade 1
Average Micron Size (Representations are not actual size)
Grade 5 (Coarse Granular) 160 microns Grade 5 Size relative to Grade 1
Grade 5C 260 microns Grade 5C Size relative to Grade 1
Grade 5L (Ultra Granular) 300 microns Grade 5L Size relative to Grade 1
Grade 5XL 350 microns Grade 5XL Size relative to Grade 1

ACS (American Chemical Society) Reagent

Meets the requirements of the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Analytical Reagents


Also known as Technical, a grade suitable for general industrial use. Our industrial-grade can be also be packaged in 50 pound repulpable bags.

Product Bags

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Formerly known as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

DOWNLOAD HERE This SDS is provided as a .pdf

Kosher Certification

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