Natrium Offers Recyclable Paper Bags

Looking for a more sustainable option for sodium bicarbonate bags? Natrium Products has made that possible with our repulpable paper bags. These bags are constructed with biodegradable paper.

The repulpable bags were developed with special paper, glues, and inks for paper mills. This allows the entire bag of sodium bicarbonate to be added to the mixing process, eliminating waste and improving material utilization.

These same principles lend the bags to be able to be recycled similar to other paper goods you might recycle at your facility. As with all recyclables, you will need to check with your local recycling authorities to confirm they are acceptable in your area.

Our repulpable bags are highly appreciated by our customers (particularly in the paper industry) for their biodegradability, firm strength, and of course – their eco-friendliness.

Contact us if you have any questions, or want to learn more about the option of repulpable bags.