Leading Manufacturer

Natrium Products is a leading manufacturer of specialty sodium bicarbonate for the North American market. Natrium manufactures and distributes standard and specialty grade sodium bicarbonate/baking soda in package and bulk.

Unparalleled Product Knowledge & Customer Service

Tell us about your application! We strive to learn about your unique needs enabling us to provide precise product recommendations and product delivery.

Natrium for Soda Blasting

Natrium sodium bicarbonate is ideal for soda blasting. Less dusty and more productive than competitive products due to it’s granulation type, our material cleans a variety of contaminants for a number of industries and trades.

Natrium for Special Applications

Natrium Sodium Bicarbonate can be used for a number of different applications including as tablets, for re-packaging, for blending or compounding, and much more.

Natrium Products offers Standard and Specialty Grades

We love working with customers to find the right product for their application. Contact us and talk with our experienced sales team about your sodium bicarbonate or soda ash needs.

Natrium Products Provides
Customized Solutions

Unlike “big box” sodium-bicarbonate suppliers, we know a one-size fits all approach to products and services isn’t effective. Customers come to us with distinct, unique problems they need solved and WE develop solutions! 

Natrium Products Serves Many Industries

Our sodium bicarbonate can be found in many industries. From water treatment to pharmaceuticals, our products are vital.

Did You Know: We Offer Recyclable Paper Bags

Looking for a more sustainable option for sodium bicarbonate bags? Natrium Products has made that possible with our “repulpable” paper bags.