Industries Served

Natrium Products, Inc. provides a high-quality sodium bicarbonate for soda blasting as well as a variety of other industries. Sodium bicarbonate is our passion, so whether you are considering our product for the first time or looking for improvements to your current application, we are here to help.

Water Treatment & Pool

Maintaining a proper alkalinity and pH are vital in the area of water treatment and pool maintenance. Natrium’s sodium bicarbonate products are effective in raising the total alkalinity to sustain proper water chemistry.


The natural and eco-friendly properties of sodium bicarbonate make it ideal for various cleaning applications. Its versatility as a deodorizer, disinfectant, and mild abrasive make it a vital ingredient in this industry.


Sodium bicarbonate from Natrium Products is utilized in the plastics manufacturing process as a blowing/foaming agent. Our line of NATRIFOAM® products were developed specifically with this market in mind.


Natrium provides several FCC food grades of sodium bicarbonate to use in all baking and food applications. Our FSSC 22000 certification ensures that all FCC food grade products are produced and supplied to our customers in a safe and secure approach.


When it comes to meeting the sodium bicarbonate needs of our industrial customers, Natrium Products is there. Our product can be found in a wide variety of industrial applications.


From effervescent tablets to hemodialysis, Natrium Products can provide the best sodium bicarbonate product for your pharmaceutical application.