Natrium Products Acquired By Huber Soda, LLC

Natrium Products shares that the organization has been acquired by J.M. Huber Corporation (“Huber”). Natrium Products has joined Huber Specialty Minerals, a strategic business unit of the Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) portfolio company. Founded in 1883, Huber operates a diverse portfolio of businesses and is one of the largest family-owned companies in the United States. 

This acquisition and partnership will give Natrium Products additional resources to expand our offerings and capabilities, without compromising the peerless customer service Natrium is known for. 

Huber has recognized that Natrium excels at what we do. Since 1989, we’ve paired people and organizations seeking only the highest grades of sodium bicarbonate with the grades that will accommodate what they need to clean, compound, blast or blend. 

Our clientele—and our acumen—covers a full complement of markets, including pharmaceuticals, water and waste treatment, chemical distributors, soda blasting, animal feed and cleaning products. 

Meanwhile, the “Huber” name has become synonymous with growth, progress, reach and innovation in the chemicals and minerals markets. HEM produces top-quality calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate for use in a variety of health and nutrition applications, as well as construction applications, including joint compound, caulking, paints, grouts, mortars, PVC piping, concrete and more. 

In an announcement on the Huber website, HEM President Dan Krawczyk compliments, “Natrium is a great fit for the HEM organization, as it further grows our existing specialty minerals platform and will supplement our products and bring additional value to our end-markets and customers.” 

We are looking forward to this advantageous partnership and extend a gracious thank you to HEM for seeing our potential and to our customers for trusting us for three decades for their sodium bicarbonate fulfillment needs! Contact us for questions or more information about Natrium Products.