high purity baking soda from Natrium Products
Sodium Bicarbonate from Natrium Products

Natrium Products
provides sodium bicarbonate /baking soda
for the following applications:

Welcome to Natrium Products

Natrium is a specialty manufacturer of sodium bicarbonate for the North American market.

To best serve our customers and markets, we produce a high purity sodium bicarbonate, offering standard grades in addition to grades with special large crystals. This results in several grades that are virtually dust free and free flowing without additives, which also have other unique properties.

Next, we learn about the customer's application to fit them with a grade which best meets their needs to maximize their utilization and performance. We also learn about the customer's other special needs to service them with consistent and reliable sales/customer/delivery service with every order.

Finally, we continually look for ways to improve the application of bicarb and service for the customer.

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Natrium Products provides baking soda / sodium bicarbonate
to the following industries:


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